The first products manufactured by Carhartt were denim and duck canvas overalls.

Starting from these traditional garments, the production has gradually expanded to offer workwear with various distinctive features, including fine fabrics, sturdy structure, comfortable fit and details such as triple stitching lines and capacious multifunctional pockets.

Carhartt is proud to satisfy and protect various types of workers in the most diverse sectors, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture and livestock, but also all those who love to live outdoor adventures.

In 1889 Hamilton Carhartt founded Carhartt Inc. in Detroit, Michigan.

The company has always been, and still is, owned by the Carhartt family to ensure that its founder's mission is pursued in each product.

For 130 years Carhartt has provided workwear of the best quality with respect to every dollar earned by the sweat of the forehead by the workers of America. Known for its robustness, innovative design and exceptional quality, durability and comfort standards, Carhartt workwear has become a legend among America's best tradesmen and craftsmen.

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