Spark motorcycle exhaust systems

Spark motorcycle exhausts and silencers

Spark collaborating with the most prestigious parent companies in the automotive sector, the company has acquired the experience, know-how and technologies necessary to build high-level exhaust systems. .

Each Spark project starts with the development of drawings and the creation of prototypes on which numerous tests are conducted. All the molds and equipment for the production of each individual exhaust component are then produced internally, for constant control and the guarantee of a high quality standard of the finished product.

Each Spark motorcycle exhaust system is unique, designed and built specifically for each individual motorcycle. Shape and position of the silencers, passages and diameters of the manifolds, fixing and many other details are designed to enhance the line and performance of each model.

Raw materials of the highest quality, for a design product, light and reliable.

It offers motorcycle silencers in carbon, titanium, stainless steel and dark style (black electro-colored stainless steel).

Each Spark motorcycle exhaust is bench tested for a comparison with the original and other aftermarket exhausts, in order to ensure the best performance.

The complete exhaust systems are also made in collaboration with important teams and tested on the most famous tracks in the world.

The homologated exhaust kits are approved for both noise and polluting emissions.

Where the exhaust originally includes a catalyst, Spark uses special catalysts, heavily impregnated with noble metals (platinum, rhodium, palladium) which greatly improve the performance of the bike compared to the original.

The search for the best sound is one of the main objectives.

This is why Spark is always looking for the most suitable volumes and db killers and uses top quality sound-absorbing materials.

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