Modular Helmets

Modular helmets

Modular motorcycle helmets

The modular helmets are versatile, technologically advanced and "trendy". The modular helmets are designed primarily for use in the motuturismo field. Among the most important advantages you can benefit from with these models is the high level of comfort, ready to face even the most demanding routes and uses.

The evolution of the modular is leading the articles to look more and more like full-face helmets, also because the performing versions can reach a level of protection of the garment similar to the whole (but naturally unequaled).

Several approved models have a complete closure, but these are mainly products designed to be used on all occasions.


Comfortable in the summer for the possibility to lift the chin


Heavier than the other helmet categories

Less isolated comparing an integral because it consists of several parts

The chin part is not as secure as an integral (whether or not the chin is open)

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