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HOLYFREEDOM's logo is an headless dog. He lacks his head because without it you can not put a leash on him. So it is absolutely free. Headless, so even without a brain ... crazy wild. He was born in 2008 in Italy and is now present in over 60 countries all over the world, from Mexico to Japan. the use of very colorful and highly original graphics, combined with precious packaging, make the products unique.

But the main feature is the technical content that is hidden under the casual look of accessories and clothing.

HOLYFREEDOM is born from the hand of a stylist with a past linked to the design of technical sportswear.

This is why the brand payoff is "shielded with style".

The windbreaker membranes in the sweatshirts, the coolmax and primaloft fabrics of the accessories have always been a distinctive and essential element of the collections.)

HOLYFREEDOM is expanding its product offering by introducing new lines of certified leather gloves and jackets, certified jet helmets, and finally jewelry

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