Back Protectors

Why use the motorcycle back protector?

The motorcycle back protector is a device that, worn like a backpack under a motorcycle jacket, serves precisely to protect the back in the event of an accident and consequent fall. This can already be set up inside a specific motorcycle jacket, or it can be worn both under and over it. Its construction differs from model to model, both as regards the extension over the entire back, and as regards its thickness. We immediately specify that, in some cases, it is considered a life-saving device and, like all safety devices for motorcycles, it should always be used. Some even consider it annoying, especially in summer due to intense heat, but it is good to put safety first.

The choice to use the motorcycle back protector must first of all be a conscious choice, especially if you are concerned with your own safety and safety. The motorcycle back protector ensures that if we take a fall and hit the spine on the asphalt, or any other obstacle, it avoids serious damage to the spine, absorbing a large percentage of the impact.

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