Bike Helmets

Cycling helmets for the street or the city

When looking for bicycle helmets to buy, the first criterion to consider is safety. Cycling is vulnerable. To continue pedaling and having fun, you need to protect yourself. All cycling helmets are equipped with impact protection. This safety (approved by the EC initials) is guaranteed by a single shell, which gives lightness and strength and which makes bicycle helmets an essential accessory whether you use the bicycle in the city for daily commuting or whether you are a sports enthusiast. and that you are therefore looking for a racing bike helmet

It is also important for a metropolitan cyclist to be seen by motorists. The visibility accessories of a city bike helmet are essential. At dusk or dawn, the reflective bands around the helmet and the rear LED light allow motorists to see you and adapt their driving to your presence.

the racing bike helmet must be chosen according to your level and tastes. All bike helmets are compliant and approved

On the racing bike you travel faster and the consequences of a fall could be important, since very often automatic pedals are used and you are hooked to the bike. Lightweight, adjustable, aerodynamic and comfortable, bike helmets must be a must for your gear. Remember that the bike helmet is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

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