Full Face Helmets

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Are you looking for a safe, comfortable and fashionable full-face motorcycle helmet? Motorcycle Soul offers you a wide choice of full-face helmets from the best brands, approved according to the new ECE 22.06 regulation with a wide choice of features, colors and prices.

Full-face motorcycle helmet, one of the most common and safe types of helmet

Full-face helmets

Full-face motorcycle helmets 

The full-face motorcycle helmets offer, as the name implies, an integral protection of the rider's head. Equipped with an openable visor, they are the most commonly used in motorcycles and can be further divided into Racing and Non-Racing. The first are dedicated to those who use the bike on the track or in the sporty driving on the road. They combine calzability with a great lightness, as well as a very efficient heat dissipation system, because they are equipped with numerous air intakes; characteristic that can generate, however, a considerable background buzz on long distances can annoy the rider after many kilometers in the saddle. Made of very light materials such as composite and / or carbon fibers, they are equipped with a hooking system with double ring strap (obligatory on the track) that does not injure the rider's neck in the event of a fall and which, moreover, allows easy removal in the possibility of an accident. Equipped with quick release visors, always for easy replacement in Racing optics, and removable and washable interior, they usually have very high prices as top of the range of production of each house for materials, construction quality and technological research. Costs therefore balanced by very high safety standards. Non-Racing, on the other hand, are the most common integrals among motorcyclists. Often heavier, as they are hardly made with high-quality materials such as carbon, they come on the market with a lower cost, a simplified ventilation system, and a double-ring strap that can be replaced by a quick-release (more practical) system .

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