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But what is the difference between a child's motorcycle helmet and an adult one? The main difference lies in the color of course, those of the children are absolutely fantastic all colored with attractive and imaginative graphics The real difference is in size, the baby helmets have three or four small sizes, but especially in weight that is almost equal to half of an adult helmet. The weight of the helmet for a child is crucial for its safety and health. Its bone and cartilaginous structure, at the level of the neck, is in fact still to be done, and absolutely not able and even less able to bear to carry a weight on the head. It 's dangerous from a standstill, figured in motion, and in our streets you can imagine the amount of stress to which it must undergo its thin neck (think of a pave or a hole in full). Moral of the story, the less it weighs the helmet, the less impact it will have on its spine. That's why it would be important to always use a baby helmet of YOUR SIZE for our little genius.



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