Jet Helmets

Jet helmets: the ideal choice for the city

Jet helmets are the ideal choice for motorcyclists looking for a lightweight and comfortable helmet. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, to suit every need.

Jet helmet: safety and style for the city.

Jet and demi jet motorcycle helmets of the best brands

Motorcycle jet helmet and double visor jet helmet

When we talk about jet helmets we mean open, light, comfortable and practical motorcycle helmets, especially in summer and for city use on motorcycles and scooters; not recommended, for the most part, on vehicles of large displacement (except for short trips) due to the total absence of protections for the face area, especially due to the absence of the chin guard. In the case of motorcycle use (both urban and for medium-short-range tourism at a quiet pace), of the two sub-categories "Jet" and "Demi-Jet" into which this kind of helmets is divided, the first is to be preferred as it is more protective, with a visor that extends down to the chin, and pronounced and enveloping cheek pads. In fact, some models of jet helmets on the market can be considered almost full-face helmets simply without the chin guard. The jet helmet in recent years has come back into fashion also thanks to vintage jet helmets, as a summer helmet, but always used as a scooter helmet.

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