Jet Helmets

Jet helmets: the ideal choice for the city

Jet helmets are the ideal choice for motorcyclists looking for a lightweight and comfortable helmet. They are available in a variety of styles and colors, to suit every need.

Jet helmet: safety and style for the city.

Jet motorcycle helmets: Style, comfort and safety for your ride

Discover our collection of jet helmets, perfect for your urban lifestyle and for your travels during the warmer periods. Choose between classic and modern models, with advanced features for your safety and comfort.

Why choose a jet helmet?

  • Lightweight and comfortable: ideal for daily travel around the city.
  • Wide visibility: for safe and conscious driving.
  • Freedom and freshness: perfect for hot days.

Jet helmets for all needs:

With sun visor: for extra protection against the sun and insects.

With long visor: for greater protection against wind and weather.

ECE 22.06 approved: maximum safety for your head.

Choose the perfect jet helmet for you:

  • Consider your driving style and needs.
  • Check the size and fit.
  • Evaluate safety and comfort features.
  • Trust certified brands.

If you are interested in a vintage jet helmet, browse our dedicated category and discover our vast assortment

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