Modular Helmets

Modular helmets: safety, comfort and versatility

Modular helmets are the ideal choice for motorcyclists who want maximum safety and comfort. These helmets offer the protection of a full-face helmet, but with the ability to raise the chin guard for greater ventilation and ease of communication. The modular helmet combines comfort and safety

Modular helmet with raised chin guard

Discover the modular helmet offers from the best brands

Modular motorcycle helmet and reversible helmet

The modular helmets are versatile, technologically advanced and "trendy" and are mainly designed for use in the field of motorcycle tourism. Among the most important advantages you can benefit from with these models is the high comfort, ready to face even the most demanding routes and uses. The evolution of the modular helmet is leading the articles to increasingly resemble the full-face helmet, also because the performance versions can reach a level of head protection similar to the full-face motorcycle helmet (but of course not equal). Several approved models have complete closure, but these are mainly products designed to be used on all occasions. The modular helmet is a particular type of helmet, which combines lightness with resistance, making the comfort for the rider even greater. The great advantage of modular motorcycle helmets lies in the possibility of being able to travel with the chin guard up, obviously if approved for this purpose, and therefore to receive more air while traveling. At the same time they offer complete protection from all external factors, such as weather, accidents and more, just like a full-face helmet would. In essence, they represent the best solution for those who want to travel in comfort, but do not want to give up on safety. Among the best manufacturers of modular motorcycle helmets we find Schuberth and X-Lite who have been perfecting their products for years to always guarantee the best to the motorcyclist.

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