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Motorcycle clothing for men and women

The first question when choosing motorcycle clothing is about the material: leather or fabric? The leather, which not coincidentally has contributed to give an identity to motorcyclists, is always ideal in case of a crash. In fact, subjected to a sudden increase in temperature, the skin has the characteristic of withdrawing ... contrary to the fabric that tends to "melt"! On the track, for example (where slips are much more frequent and long), leather is the only material used. The fabric has also made so much progress. With the new synthetic fibers (especially some polyamide like Cordura or Kevlar) and certain waterproof and breathable membranes (Gore-Tex, Windstopper ...), fabric clothing has become much more polyvalent, to the point of being extremely practical for everyday use, in the city as on the road. Easy to maintain and often equipped with integrated protections, jackets and trousers in these new fibers offer a good safety in case of impact or small slip. If equipped with a waterproof membrane, they also offer excellent weather protection

You do not dress the same way to carry out small city routes or long motorway journeys, if you go on a scooter or on a supersport, off-road or on the track, if it's hot or cold ... For any type of use and any season, there is a suitable motorcycle clothing. From racing leather overalls to city jackets, from cross boots to waterproof gloves, there is often plenty to choose from. Remember to always choose clothing that suits your needs and your size. Do not rush: sit on your sofa and discover our proposals ... and have a good purchase!

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