Leather motorcycle gloves and fabric

The motorcycle gloves are now a very technical equipment, essential both for safety reasons and for reasons of comfort, and whose choice is therefore very delicate: leather or fabric? With or without protective wrapping? gives you some ideas to consider to make the right choice based on your driving style and your bike

As often happens with the motorcycle equipment, choosing between leather and fabric is the first step for those who want to buy motorcycle gloves. Whether it's cowhide, goat or kangaroo, the leather used for the production of gloves is a noble material, much softer than that of a jacket. It is often preferred for its great abrasion resistance and looks almost like a second skin. More economical, the fabric has had many evolutions that now allow it to guarantee the same protection of the skin, with the advantage of less water being impregnated in the event of rain.

In every season there are specific characteristics! Do you want to go on a winter bike? Then choose gloves that prefer thermal insulation, without forgetting rain protection.

During the half seasons, the insulation will be less important, but the protection for the rain will still be crucial. In the summer, the ability of gloves to keep hands cool will instead be central but, as always, safety should not be compromised.

Often judged unaesthetic, the sleeve is instead fundamental: covering a part of the forearm in fact plays an important role, optimizing the protection against bad weather (cold, rain). Long sleeves are often found in winter or mid-season gloves. The sports gloves benefit from a surplus of protection thanks to the sleeves, so the latter are often mandatory in the races.

The main feature of motorcycle gloves is their ability to protect in the event of a fall! Before choosing, make sure that the chosen model has good characteristics regarding the material: anti-shock, protective reinforcements, abrasion-resistant materials, etc. Do not forget that without a good seal, protection is nothing! Gloves that do not close with sufficient pressure will take off at the first impact with the ground: the simple rubber bands are to be discouraged, so check the presence of Velcro closure strips, on the wrist and on the sleeve.

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