Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets 

Motorcycle jackets born to replace motorcycle leather jackets

Fabric motorcycle jackets are not born to replace leather ones but to create a valid alternative. The fabric obviously has different characteristics. First of all, it would be better to talk about fabrics, in the plural, because there are numerous solutions. The most famous are the Cordura and the Kevlar, two materials that in their weave present interweaving of fibers different from each other, including carbon, which give the material a remarkable resistance.

In addition, fabric jackets are often accompanied by inserts in transpiring and protective membranes, such as Gore-Tex and Windstopper. The study behind the creation of a fabric jacket is impressive, this sector has been making considerable progress in recent years, so that the jackets in fabric are increasingly performing and versatile. These jackets are very light but able to protect the motorcyclist optimally, provided they have the European certifications and guarantee a high quality of design.

They do not require great care and maintenance and are extremely resistant in case of rain and bad weather. The fabric jackets for different seasons ensure maximum comfort in all weather conditions.

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