Motorcycle leather jackets

Motorcycle Jackets Leather

Leather motorcycle jackets are almost a status

Leather motorcycle jackets are almost a status that identifies motorcyclists. This is the first material used for the production of motorcycle clothing and it is no coincidence that, even today, it is the most widespread. Among the most significant advantages of the leather motorcycle jackets is the abrasion resistance in case of a slip, when the rider falls and slips on the asphalt, the jacket undergoes an inevitable increase in temperature, to which the skin resists perfectly without tearing and without melting. This is one of the main reasons for which the professional riders who run on the track wear only leather garments.

The only weak point are the seams that, in fact, in modern suits are reinforced with much more resistant technical fabric. In addition, the leather also has an excellent fit, is soft and pleasant to the touch, even if it is rather heavy and difficult to wear. The leather needs a lot of maintenance to always remain perfectly soft and elastic and it is necessary to preserve the waterproofing treatment for rainy days.

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