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the most commonly used loading system for motorbikes is the triptych of rear bags which, hooked to the frames in turn secured to the frame of the motorbike, leave space for the rider and passenger on the saddle, as well as allowing the small movements necessary during the march.

There are basically two types of motorcycle side cases: the soft and the rigid ones.

The rigid in turn can be divided into two large groups: the square metal ones and the shaped plastic ones that integrate into the design of the bike.

On the capacity you can stand to argue endlessly, beyond that in liters objectively demonstrable, also because the plastics often have internal shapes that do not go well with rigid objects: the type of bag you prefer is personal and affected of many factors.

Soft bags are usually associated with sports bikes that can occasionally be used for medium-long journeys and in some cases have a slightly aerodynamic shape; they can be mounted with light frames, even visually, and weigh less than the rigid ones but are often not waterproof, even if some have a cover to be applied in case of rain.

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