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Leather racing suit

Motorcycle suits made with the best materials

The leather racing suit is a very important piece of technical clothing for the motorcyclist's activity, as it has two essential functions: the first is to protect the rider's body during a fall, the second is to increase aerodynamic characteristics while driving, especially at high speeds. These characteristics have made the suit an essential and obligatory element for skiers.

A good suit must be made with quality material, have a good fit, such as to ensure adequate driving comfort, and ensure the right protections for the wearer, effective but not cumbersome.

The motorcycle suits are generally made with cowhides with variable thicknesses (but always greater than 1 mm), to better adapt to the body posture when you are in the saddle and at the same time guarantee the best safety standards. Below are the protections approved with the highest standards EN 1621-1

Being the result of years of research, innovation and evolution, all leather suits from motorcycles are specifically designed to be used, and be comfortable, in the driving position. They are produced with pre-shaped arms and legs for this need. In short, do not expect a motorcycle suit to be particularly comfortable for a walk downtown!

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