R 80 GS Basic

The R80G/S motorcycle, launched by BMW in 1980, made headlines for its innovative choices such as the 800cc Boxer engine and its particular single-sided swingarm. This bike was in production until 1987, when BMW introduced the new R80GS and R100GS models.

Although technologies such as Telelever and Paralever were still missing, the R80G/S stood out for its innovation. Apparently heavy, it proved to be an excellent travel companion, demonstrating its strength in races such as the Paris-Dakar.

After the successes in these competitions, BMW created a special version called P/D, with a 32 liter tank and a seat only for the driver. The P/D and the standard model shared the same robust engine and brakes, one drum at the rear and one disc at the front, which ensured high-level performance.

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