Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167) ,Riders Protections
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  • Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167) ,Riders Protections
  • Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167) ,Riders Protections
  • Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167) ,Riders Protections

Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167)

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Feature Protector Zandonà

Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167)




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Back Protector Zandonà Esatech Back Pro X6

Type: Back Protector
Brand: Zandonà
Model: Esatech Back Pro X6 (h cm 158-167) 
Color: Black

Esatech Back Pro is a 100% made in Italy back protector made by precious materials and by special textiles like S.R.T. (Sweat Removing Textile-very transpiring 3D textile which transfers sweat to the outside), studied to protect the back zone from collisions while offering a good lumbar support. The external plate is an hexagonal nitrile anti-shock structure (Esatech System), particularly formulated to absorb high impact energies and designed to dissipate the output energy over the most part of the protector surface. The internal padding is composed by E.V.C. (Evoluted Viscoelastic Cells), innovative waterproof anti-shock material with high performance/weight/thickness rate, completely perforated to increase perspiration from the contact area to the outside. The waist closing have a double elastic regulation system, excellent against back-aches and comfortable. The back protector is comfortable because it follows and satisfies the natural forward movement of the spinal column and reaches Lev.2 performance (4,6 kN average result) according to the EN1621 normative while offering the best comfort. Esatech Back Pro is also foldable to be housed in the motorcycle case.


ESATECH SYSTEM (ETS): it is an Hexagonal Nitrile Anti-Shock System. Its material formula is studied to perform great absorption especially to high-impact energy, reducing it to a certain lower level, while the honeycomb shape dissipates the impact energy over the whole protector surface. Esatech System is an ultimate tech- nologic external shell that provides a superior protection while being elastic, light and performing the RENEW MEMORY TECHNOLOGY.

RENEW MEMORY TECHNOLOGY (RNW): it is a built-in technology which returns the material slowly to its original shape and size after any compression. This techno- logy allows to perform multiple impacts over the same surface, without loss of protective performance.

CALIBRATED MULTILAYER DENSITIES (CMD): the protector is made by layers with different composition and density, calibrated to perform with a minimized load and profi le.

SLIDING LAYERS TECHNOLOGY (SLT): it is a fi xing layers technology which keeps the layers in position while allowing to slide a bit between them. This technology maximizes the softness and comfort of the entire system.

VENTILATION & SWEAT REMOVING TEXTILE (SRT): the protector is completely perforated to maximize air circulation. The contact layer is made by S.R.T. (Sweat Removing Textile) which is a very transpiring 3D textile that transfers the sweat to the outside. Technical Specifi cations:

CE approved EN1621-2, Lev.2;

Engineering and manufacturing: MADE IN ITALY.

WAIST SIZES (cm): XS (70 77) - S (78 85) M(86 93) - L (94 101) XL (102 114)

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