Vintage Helmets

Vintage full-face and jet helmets

The vintage helmet is a way to celebrate the history of motorcycling and add a touch of style to your motorcycle. Check out our selection of quality vintage helmets, available in a variety of styles and colors.

Vintage helmets: discover our selection of quality vintage helmets

Motorcycle Vintage helmets

Vintage motorcycle helmets in perfect Cafè Racer style

Vintage helmets represent a blast from the past for the most sentimental motorcyclists. They are intended for niche users, that is, for those who consider the helmet a fashion object, which distinguishes and above all stands out. It is therefore the aesthetic aspect that reigns supreme, while all modern safety standards are respected. The vintage helmet, and the vintage jet helmet, often inspired by the fashions of the 70s, show great attention to detail, the workmanship is particular and meticulous and there is always an element that distinguishes a motorcycle helmet from the other. The vintage helmets of Bell Helmets Italia are for example the motorcycle helmets that most represent the style and fashions of the old glories of motorcycling and 70s motorcycle helmets. The icons of vintage motorcycle helmets are the Bell helmets and in particular the Bell Moto 3 and the Bell Bullitt, the full-face Cafè Racer helmets par excellence. Vintage full-face helmets such as Bell helmets are built with new technologies and offer the same guarantee as the best traditional motorcycle helmets. Bell Helmets offers for example a 5-year warranty on its products. The Bullitt full-face vintage helmet is also offered entirely in carbon. The classic retro helmet, most often identified with vintage jet helmets. In this category we offer, for example, the Roeg and Biltwell jet helmets as well as the Dmd helmets. Homologated vintage helmets have become the perfect accessory for the motorcyclist who loves Café Racer motorcycles.

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