Vintage Helmets

Vintage full-face and jet helmets

The vintage helmet is a way to celebrate the history of motorcycling and add a touch of style to your motorcycle. Check out our selection of quality vintage helmets, available in a variety of styles and colors.

Vintage helmets: discover our selection of quality vintage helmets

The timeless charm of vintage motorcycle helmets

Vintage helmets represent not only a tribute to the history of motorcycling, but are also an unmistakable statement of style. Those who choose a vintage helmet or an old school motorcycle helmet want to stand out, showing off a look that recalls classic elegance and the pure essence of riding on two wheels. These helmets are not simple accessories, but true symbols of an era in which the passion for speed and adventure merged with design and fashion. However, beyond aesthetics, it is essential not to forget the importance of safety: modern vintage motorcycle helmets combine the beauty of historical models with contemporary protection technologies. Therefore, wearing a retro motorcycle helmet or a classic helmet style means traveling through time without sacrificing current safety standards. The choice of a vintage full-face helmet, or the various models of retro helmets, thus becomes a perfect fusion between past and present, where timeless charm meets modernity.

History and evolution of vintage motorcycle helmets

The vintage motorcycle helmet is a style icon that contains decades of history and development in the field of motorcycle safety. From their first rudimentary incarnations in the 1920s, when helmets were little more than leather hats, their evolution has closely followed evolving technologies and medical knowledge about the impact of head trauma. In the 1950s and 1960s, the design transformed with the introduction of the vintage full-face helmet, offering superior protection through the use of materials such as fiberglass. This period also saw the rise of iconic styles such as the jet helmet and the old school helmet, often associated with cafe racer culture and the mod movement. Over time, retro motorcycle helmets have incorporated modern features such as anti-fog visors and improved ventilation systems, while maintaining that classic aesthetic that motorcyclists appreciate. Today, vintage motorcycle helmets are not just a tribute to the past but represent a combination of aesthetic elegance and current technological innovations, thus guaranteeing safety without compromising style.

Advice for choosing the ideal vintage helmet

Selecting the ideal vintage helmet requires a careful eye for both style and safety. Vintage motorcycle helmets are not just a trendy accessory, but must guarantee protection in accordance with current standards. Before proceeding with the purchase, it is essential to check that the vintage motorcycle helmet has the necessary certifications, such as ECE or DOT regulations. Consider whether you prefer a full-face retro helmet, which offers greater coverage, or an open retro motorcycle helmet for a greater feeling of freedom, despite knowing that it offers less protection. Comfort is equally crucial: make sure the helmet fits the shape of your head perfectly and is neither too tight nor too loose. Additionally, materials like leather and fiberglass help give the old school helmet both style and functionality. Finally, consider compatible vintage motorcycle accessories, such as visors or goggles, which can complete the look without compromising visibility or safety. Remember that a classic helmet does not mean giving up technology: many models combine retro design with modern features to offer the best experience on the road.

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