Shield Biltwell Bonanza Bubble Rose

VAT included

Biltwell Bonanza Bubble Shield Rose visor


Biltwell Bonanza Bubble Rose Shield visor

Customize your custom jet Bonanza motorcycle helmet with the new Bubble visor.

The Biltwell Bonanza Bubble Chrome Mirror visor is injection molded with a highly scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic material. The anti-fog treatment on the inside of the screen fights the accumulation of moisture due to breathing and humidity. The Biltwell bubble visor is easy to install, if you start with the center snap and move outward. To clean the visor, use a mild soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth to get rid of bugs and road debris, then dry it with a second clean microfiber towel.

Each color and style of shielding provides 91% UV / A and 99% AV / B lightfastness according to the AATCC-138 test standard.

The bubble visors from the glory days of the 1960s were an instant hit with the hip chopper crowd and have remained a popular essential accessory for safe driving in modern times.


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