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Cafe racer clothing


Immerse yourself in the Café Racer world with our exclusive selection of motorcycle clothing. It combines a passion for retro style and contemporary safety needs.

Choose from leather or textile jackets, trousers, gloves and stylish accessories, all designed to give you a distinctive look without compromising protection. Perfect for those who love to stand out on the road, ideal for motorcyclists looking for a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


Discover vintage helmets, the perfect mix of retro style and modern safety. Ideal for the Café Racer, Scrambler and Custom look, they combine aesthetics and protection.

Sw-Motech motorcycle accessories


Discover the Sw-Motech range, synonymous with innovation and quality in the world of motorcyclists. High-end accessories and equipment designed to enhance the driving experience.

From motorcycle bags to protectors, each product is designed to offer functionality, durability and style, satisfying the needs of the most demanding riders. Choose Sw-Motech to transform every trip into an exceptional adventure, with maximum comfort and safety.


Here are the latest motorcycle accessories: to improve your riding experience and the aesthetics of your motorbike

RIZOMA CUT-EDGE. Redefine your style

Rizoma Cut-Edge is an ultra-compact universal rearview mirror, inspired by cities and the sharpest riders. Sporty, black, essential and with a frame with bold edges, it is created to give every bike an aggressive look.

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Products and Brands

Adventure without limits with the REV'IT Off-Road collection!

The Adventure Off-Road collection by REV'IT! it is the perfect choice for motorcyclists passionate about adventures off the conventional roads. Designed and created for those who love to explore off-road, the DIRT Series offers clothing solutions that combine functionality and style to tackle any environment and climate.

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Products and Brands

Revolutionize your Maxi Enduro with Arrow's Dakar Replica Line

Arrow's Dakar Replica line brings back the history of off-road motorcycling, giving modern maxi enduros a very convincing rally raid spirit. With current technology and materials, the same elegance and sound as always.

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Products and Brands

Eco Rambler bags by Kappa Moto

Eco Rambler is the new Kappa Moto line for those who travel with classic, café racer and custom motorbikes, consisting of side bags, duffel bag, tank and other eco-sustainable accessories. Explore the new frontier of motorcycle accessories with Rambler bags: the perfect balance between elegance, functionality and environmental commitment.

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Products and Brands
Borse Eco Rambler di Kappa Moto
The narrator of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, on a journey to wisdom


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"The best roads never connect anything with anything else and there is always another road that takes you there faster" 

Cit. Robert M. Pirsig 


An online motorcycle clothing store ... with a soul! This is Motorcycle-Soul.

In a world that runs to standardize everything, where large chains replace small neighborhood shops, a small Italian reality emerges thanks to its simplicity and seriousness. In the midst of the large online shops we raised the shutter in 2018 that, if we had had the technology, we would have brought the scent of motorcycle jackets leather with a pinch of petrol into your homes!

On our site you will find numerous proposals for products for motorcycle tourism or if you are a lover of the Cafe Racer, vintage motorcycle clothing to create the perfect style. In the motorcycle helmets category you will find a wide range of vintage and full-face helmets. Have fun customizing your motorcycle with Rizoma motorcycle accessories or looking for the best bags that will accompany you on your travels from brands such as Sw Motech or Unit Garage.

Now we have grown bigger and we have decided to integrate in our catalog a category dedicated to the Off Road world, motocross helmets, MTB helmets, boots, passing from Motocross and Enduro to MTB, following that thin line that guides the market trends that sees the return of the great Enduro bikes and where Motocross and in general all Off Road activities represent a free and full of passion lifestyle and form an important part of what is called Free Ride. Driving free without constraints in contact with nature, where fun, and in some cases the importance of the group, making the competitive and competitive aspect secondary.

We try to stay up to date and offer you the best motorcycle clothing proposals on the market, guaranteeing you style, design and safety in your purchase, understanding very well the needs that the various types of motorcyclists may have, with an eye to the value for money.

Good road!

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