Motocross Goggles

Motocross glasses: safety and style

Motocross goggles are an essential accessory for the safety of motorcyclists who practice this sport. They protect your eyes from wind, dust, debris and UV rays, ensuring clear and safe vision in all conditions.

A motorcyclist wears a pair of motocross goggles to protect himself from wind, dust and debris

How to choose the right motocross goggles. Motocross is an attractive sport but does not exclude risks: the tracks are often dusty, muddy, characterized by slippery ground containing debris, fine metals, dust and micro-particles. These elements can easily penetrate the interstices of the glasses, causing serious damage. Buying quality motocross goggles can protect you from any risk. There are all shapes, colors and variations, but the really important things to evaluate are characteristics of any motocross mask that can be defined as of good quality.

It must offer a wide field of vision, with the maximum reduction of blind spots, a wide visor combined with a thin frame allows you to bring the visor closer to the eyes and optimize the overall field of vision.

Comfort should not be overlooked, the best cross goggles have multiple layers of foam along the entire perimeter of the shape, these allow you to absorb sweat but not only, they guarantee good padding for a comfortable fit on the face, creating a barrier between the eyes and the glasses.

The mounted lenses can be anti-fog, anti-reflective and with various shades of color to satisfy the most suitable point of view for the pilot.

On almost all motocross goggles, the visor is interchangeable, a necessary feature given the frequency with which the lenses are subjected to scrapes and scratches.

The lens must have a reliable locking system for guaranteed stability, the visor serves for the view it is true but it is also an important protection for the eyes.

The Roll-Off version is interesting, which allows you to unroll a disposable transparent film along the entire lens to avoid its deterioration and above all to easily remove the dirt and mud deposited on the film while driving.

The back band must be adjustable, elasticized and non-slip to be able to adapt to all shapes and sizes of helmets, the pressure exerted by the mask on the rider's face guarantees a perfect seal.

A detachable nose guard is often included in the package.

For those with vision problems and who need to wear graduated glasses even under the mask, there are some specific models. A pair of round rims for round lenses are mounted inside the mask, those will act as replacement glasses since the lenses with your own shade can be applied, without the additional bulk of the frame of the entire eyeglasses.

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