Insertable protections

Insertable Motorcycle Protections: Top Safety and Comfort

In the panorama of clothing for motorcyclists, insertable protectors play an essential role. Designed specifically for the most vulnerable areas of the body, these protectors are an indispensable ally for every rider. In our catalogue, we offer a wide range of shoulder and knee protectors, ideal for inserting under an underwear shirt or jacket. Although soft to the touch, they are capable of distributing impacts over their entire surface, guaranteeing maximum protection.

The versatility of the insertable protectors also extends to the elbows, hips and back, adapting perfectly to the most varied items of motorcycle clothing available on the market. No less crucial are chest protectors, essential for those who practice motocross. Characterized by a double ergonomic plate, they ensure optimal protection of the chest and effective shock absorption.

Cutting-edge materials, ergonomics and a high level of protection are the distinctive qualities of our insertable protectors. Don't miss the opportunity to equip yourself with the best: discover our selection now and take advantage of our offers to guarantee safety and comfort on every road.

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