Chest Protections

Motocross chest protection and armored jackets

Motocross chest protection is an essential accessory, perhaps the most used in the world, to protect the torso of motorcyclists from falls and flying stones during racing. What types of mx chest protections exist ?

The simple chest protection and the motocross armored jacket . A simple Motocross chest protection, it is a plastic "shell" that has the task of protecting the motorcyclist's chest and back. This type can be worn below or above the cross suit, has ventilation holes to allow perspiration and fabric straps for adjustment. A very light and comfortable accessory, perfect to be integrated with neck and upper limb protectors. The full chest protection is already set up to protect the rider's torso, hips and shoulders. A step towards greater rider safety, perhaps at the expense of a slightly more sacrificed fit.

This product is also designed to be integrated with the neck brace, to be adjusted with comfortable straps and to promote body transpiration through special holes. The most famous brands for their motocross protections are Alpinestars, Leatt , Acerbis, Ufo Plast .. Scott has recently expanded his catalog with excellent chest protections. The full motocross armored jacket is also available on the market, comfortable to wear and guaranteeing the greatest possible coverage for the wearer

Designed to protect the rider's torso, back, lower back, shoulders and elbows. It follows that, once purchased, it will no longer be necessary to purchase other accessories to protect the bust, without any problem of compatibility with other cross protections. These models are also recommended as enduro protections and as protections for Downhill, Their mesh structure and elastic bands make them perfectly adaptable to the build of the wearer, while the back and clavicle padding are easily removable and washable.

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