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Motorcycle air filter: choose the perfect model

The air filter is a fundamental component for the correct functioning of your motorcycle's engine. By ensuring a clean and constant flow of air, the air filter contributes to:

  • Improve engine performance and power
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Protect the engine from dust and debris
  • Extend engine life

In our e-commerce you will find a wide range of motorcycle air filters for all needs and all motorcycle models.

Choose the air filter suitable for your motorbike:

Paper air filters : economical and easy to replace, ideal for standard use.

Sponge air filters : offer greater filtration capacity and are washable and reusable, perfect for off-road use or in dusty conditions.

Cone air filters : designed to maximize air flow and performance, ideal for sporting or racing use.

Consult our online catalog to find the air filter suitable for your motorbike.

Do not neglect maintenance of the air filter:

  • Check the air filter regularly
  • Replace the air filter according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Use a high quality air filter

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