Offroad Protections

Off-Road Protections: Ride safe in style

Challenge the roughest terrain without fear! The " Off-Road Protection " category is your arsenal against rocks, branches and debris. Equip your cross or enduro bike with engine guards, frame, engine and exhaust protections to face any obstacle with determination and confidence.

Why protect your motorcycle?

Imagine for a moment: a spectacular jump, a landing that's a little too rough... and your beloved two-wheeler collides with a treacherous stone. With the right protections, you can avoid costly and disastrous damage, prolonging the life of your motorcycle and ensuring flawless performance.

What do you find in this category?

Engine Guard : A sturdy armor made of steel, aluminum or plastic that defends the engine from impacts and debris. Choose between wraparound models for total protection or minimal versions for reduced weight.

Frame protections : Protect the frame tubes from scratches and dents with plastic or nylon bulkheads. Particularly useful if you try your hand at rocky or wooded routes.

Engine protections : Protect the engine side covers from accidental impacts with aluminum or carbon fiber bulkheads. An investment that can save you from replacing expensive components.

Exhaust protections : Protect your exhaust from impacts and rubbing with steel or carbon bulkheads. Not only do they protect the exhaust, but they can also reduce noise and improve the aesthetics of your motorcycle.

Choose the right protection for you!

Consider your riding style, the type of terrain you tackle and the level of protection you want. You will find products of different brands and price ranges, all made of high quality and resistant materials.

Not only safety, but also style!

Off-road protections are not just a functional element, but they can also give a touch of grit and personality to your motorbike. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to stand out on the track and trails.

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