X-lite X-1005 Ultra Carbon Cheyenne helmet black orange

VAT included

X-lite Flip-up helmet X-1005 Ultra Carbon Cheyenne black orange, Nolan X lite carbon helmet with double homologation, flip-up chin guard with elliptical rotation, sun visor and pinlock lens included. Discover the best modular helmet ever!

N-COM COMPATIBILITY: B902 X series - B601 X series

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Flip-up motorcycle helmet X-Lite X 1005 Ultra Carbon Cheyenne black orange

The X-Lite helmets are the top segment of the Nolan helmet range

X-1005 X-lite is the exclusive high-carbon content version of X-lite's new flip-up helmet. It stands out for its elegant and dynamic design, powerful personality and rich technical features, some of which are absolutely innovative. Carbon-rich construction, three outer shell sizes, double P / J homologation, ultrawide visor, VPS sunscreen (adjustable in various positions and equipped with automatic recall system), rotation movement of the chin guard with elliptical trajectory, exclusive opening system of the chin guard with double action mechanism, retention system with micrometric adjustment with double lever Microlock2, internal comfort padding Carbon Fitting Racing Experience (with innovative mesh construction), exclusive system for adjusting the position of the cap (LPC - Liner Positioning Control) and predisposition for the new generation N-Com communication system want to make X-1005 ULTRA CARBON the most exclusive openable for the most demanding motorbike-tourist.


  • Fiber shell
  • Opening chin guard
  • ULTRAWIDE clear visor: scratch resistant (S / R - Scratch Resistant), wide field of vision, also lateral, ensuring maximum driving comfort and increasing active safety.
  • Pinlock lens included
  • Sun visor Printed in LEXAN ™ with UV protection up to 400 nanometers. It can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning and is adjustable in various positions. The drive system (patented) allows the automatic return to the non-use position, thus simplifying any emergency maneuvers deriving from the need to quickly restore the maximum visibility offered by the visor.
  • CHIN ROTATION WITH ELLIPTICAL TRAJECTORY: it allows to contain the front section of the helmet, when the chin guard is in the open position. Consequently, the "sail" effect is significantly reduced and driving comfort equally guaranteed, even with the chin guard raised.
  • DUAL ACTION (PATENTED): Exclusive chin guard opening system which, positioned in the center of the same, allows it to be opened with just one hand. The double action mechanism reduces the risk of accidental opening: only after having operated the first release lever (or safety) is it possible to lift the chin guard by acting on the second lever.
  • LPC - LINER POSITIONING CONTROL: This system, whose patent is pending, allows you to adjust the position of the headset which, for the same size of the helmet, allows you to change the attitude of the helmet on the head adapting it to different needs and anatomical conformations.
  • COVERING OF THE INTERNAL CHEEK PADS IN POLYSTYRENE: The helmet has a molded coating of the internal cheek pads in polystyrene that makes it possible to attach the pillows more precisely. This covering also constitutes the seat for the earphones of the N-Com communication system.
  • The internal comfort padding is made with active carbon filaments, a thermoregulatory, antistatic and dissipative element. The cap, with an innovative mesh construction, facilitates the diffusion of air in the upper part of the head which, in this way, is kept cool and dry.
  • EYEWEAR ADAPTIVE: System designed for the comfort of those who wear glasses. Quickly and easily, it allows you to create a space in the pillow for the temples of the glasses. It is reversible, as it is possible to return the cheek pads to the initial configuration.
  • MICROLOCK2 retention system (PATENTED)
  • N-COM SET UP: The helmet is set up and approved with the N-Com communication system installed. The helmet preparation system, as well as the N-Com product compatible with this, have been designed with the aim of facilitating the assembly of the system itself in the helmet.
  • UNDER THROAT STRAPS INTEGRATED IN THE CHEEK PADS: Removable and washable, they favor the fit, as well as its fit and soundproofing.
  • MONOBLOCK PILLOWS: The internal foam padding of the cheek pads is designed to offer uniformity of pressure and consistency of performance over time that is superior to those offered by traditional padding.
  • COMPATIBILITY OF N-COM PRODUCTS: B902 X series - B601 X series

* X-lite helmets can be produced on request when ordering. The production time is generally 20 days to be added to the normal shipping times.

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